Uses one of multiple methods to create haploid variants from a reference genome. See vars_functions for the methods available.

create_variants(reference, vars_info, sub, ins = NULL, del = NULL,
  gamma_mats = NULL, region_size = 100, n_threads = 1,
  show_progress = FALSE)



A ref_genome object from which to generate variants. This argument is required.


Output from one of the vars_functions. These functions organize higher-level information for use here. See vars_functions for brief descriptions and links to each method. If this argument is NULL, all arguments other than reference are ignored, and an empty variants object with no variants is returned. This is designed for use when you'd like to add mutations manually. If you create a blank variants object, you can= use its add_vars method to add variants manually.


Output from one of the sub_models functions that organizes information for the substitution models. See sub_models for more information on these models and their required parameters. This argument is only allowed to be missing if you are using a VCF file to create variants. Defaults to NULL.


Output from the indels function that specifies rates of insertions by length. Passing NULL to this argument results in no insertions. Defaults to NULL.


Output from the indels function that specifies rates of deletions by length. Passing NULL to this argument results in no deletions. Defaults to NULL.


Output from the site_var function that specifies variability in mutation rates among sites (for both substitutions and indels). Passing NULL to this argument results in no variability among sites. Defaults to NULL.


Size of regions to break genome into for sampling mutation locations. This causes Gamma regions to be split into smaller sections (obviously the Gamma values themselves are not changed). Doing this splitting is useful because sampling within a region is more computationally costly than sampling among regions. Higher numbers will result in lower memory usage but slower speed. Defaults to 100.


Number of threads to use for parallel processing. This argument is ignored if OpenMP is not enabled. Threads are spread across sequences, so it doesn't make sense to supply more threads than sequences in the reference genome. Defaults to 1.


Boolean for whether to show a progress bar during processing. Defaults to FALSE.


r <- create_genome(10, 1000) v_phylo <- create_variants(r, vars_phylo(ape::rcoal(5)), sub_JC69(0.1)) v_theta <- create_variants(r, vars_theta(0.001, 5), sub_K80(0.1, 0.2))